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My Car is Smoking Under the Hood. What Should I Do Now?

By Jack Bulko, AutoAid A customer called our shop the other morning. “I can’t believe it! I just drove to the corner of my street, and I noticed smoke coming out from under the hood. What should I do now? It’s difficult to assess what is going on under the hood unless I can see, hear and smell it. I told him that if he hadn’t already pulled off the side of the road, to do so now. I wanted to make sure he was safe. I then asked him if any lights on the dashboard indicated a problem? For example, did the temperature light or gauge indicate the engine was hot? Or was the oil icon indicating a leak? I also wanted him to note what it smelled like—different smells are associated with various issues. In addition, I asked him to tell me how dense the smoke is, how far away he was from the car at the time, and if he had an auto club membership. It turned out that he did have a membership with a road service company that included ... read more



When Oil Service is More Than Just Oil Service

Do you remember the days when you brought your car in for an oil change or another type of maintenance, and both you and your car were treated like royalty? Your vehicle’s oil and air filter weren’t the only things being checked or changed. The auto repair mechanic gave your vehicle the once over looking for any potential problems that might occur down the road. Not only that, but the mechanic wore a crisp uniform with his name embroidered on it, just above the pocket. After seating you in a comfortable, clean area with refreshments, he focused on getting your car back in pristine condition. He may have even given it a quick carwash before returning it to you. Ah, the good old days. Well, believe it or not, these amenities and courtesies are still part of AutoAid’s everyday operation. We take customer service seriously because we don’t just want your business today. We want you to come back time an ... read more

Five Tips from AutoAid for Fall Car Care Month

This October is Fall Car Care Month, and here at AutoAid, we want to remind you to take a little bit of time to be “Car Care Aware,” as the team at put it. Every year in April and October, celebrates a month of vehicle maintenance awareness, in the hopes of reminding drivers like you that taking a few simple steps now can save you the trouble of an emergency breakdown – not to mention more than a few bucks on the cost of repairs – down the road. Whether you handle some of these tasks yourself or prefer to trust Jack, David, and the expert team at AutoAid of Van Nuys, CA for your auto service & maintenance needs, we recommend these important steps to take this Fall Car Care Month to ensure your vehicle performs well all year long. Battery. Check your connections, and make sure they are tight, clean, and free from cor ... read more


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