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Overheated Engine Could Mean a Kink in the Cooling System

Overheated Engine Could Mean a Kink in the Cooling System

I walked into work a few weeks ago and heard my ASE Certified Mechanic on the phone. "Is it smoking? We'll send the tow truck to pick you up. An overheated engine could mean a kink in the cooling system. Did you have us check that the last time you came in? Oh, I see. You had to rush out that day. I only mentioned that because we could have probably saved you this inconvenience." Oh, brother. Every year I ask my customers to bring their cars in for scheduled maintenance before it becomes an issue. Most do, but there are always a few who can't find the time to come in until their vehicle breaks down. During the warmer months, the cooling system can become a huge problem. I watched the tow truck pull in. I was surprised to see it was a newer model car. Carrie, the granddaughter of a customer, was in the truck. She seemed upset. My guys got the car keys from her, and I asked if she needed a ride anywhere. " ... read more

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