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Five Tips from AutoAid for Fall Car Care Month

This October is Fall Car Care Month, and here at AutoAid, we want to remind you to take a little bit of time to be “Car Care Aware,” as the team at CarCare.org put it. Every year in April and October, CarCare.org celebrates a month of vehicle maintenance awareness, in the hopes of reminding drivers like you that taking a few simple steps now can save you the trouble of an emergency breakdown – not to mention more than a few bucks on the cost of repairs – down the road.

Whether you handle some of these tasks yourself or prefer to trust Jack, David, and the expert team at AutoAid of Van Nuys, CA for your auto service & maintenance needs, we recommend these important steps to take this Fall Car Care Month to ensure your vehicle performs well all year long.

  1. Battery. Check your connections, and make sure they are tight, clean, and free from corrosion. Summer heat takes a toll on batteries, so testing the battery to ensure it’s still performing as it should is recommended in the fall. Batteries can often fail without warning, so testing is a good idea, and if your battery is more than three years old, replace it.

  2. Air Filters & Wiper Blades. While the summers are taxing on all of our vehicle A/C systems, that makes fall a good time to check your air filters – and we don’t just mean the one under the hood. Most vehicles have an in-cabin air filter that keeps the air coming from your A/C and heater clean and fresh. They’re not hard to replace, and speaking of not hard to replace, summer heat can also take a toll on wiper blades. As a general rule, wiper blades should be replaced every six months, and while you’re at it, check and fill the wiper fluid.

  3. Tires. Check your tires, including pressure and tread depth, every month – that’s doubly true in Fall Car Care Month! As you probably know, you can use the ‘penny’ method to measure your tire’s tread depth – if the rubber doesn’t touch Abe’s head, it’s time for new tires. Check the wear pattern – uneven wear could mean you need an alignment – and also keep an eye out for bulges, bald spots, or other irregularities.

  4. Brakes. Have your brake system checked, including your brake pads, rotors, and all other components. This is especially true if your brakes are making sounds, feeling spongy, or acting strangely at all – brakes are vital, so if you suspect an issue, call us!

Here at AutoAid, we aim to be a trusted source of information about your own car care, and as far as we’re concerned, every month is car care month! So, if your vehicle is in need of service, don’t wait for it to become an expensive repair. Contact AutoAid and make a service appointment today!


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