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Who Wants My Catalytic Converter Anyway?

Who Wants My Catalytic Converter Anyway?

In 2021, we published an article on the theft of catalytic converters, especially those found in hybrid and higher-end vehicles. Since then, these thefts have continued to increase, so we thought it was worth updating.    Last week a second-generation customer called me. I’ve known Jennifer since she was a tyke, and now she has her own family. Time flies. Her conversation started like this: “Hi Jack, do you have a minute? I just bought a new Toyota Prius. The dealer told me to make sure I get a cage clamp, or my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched on it. Is that necessary? It sounds like a lot of drama for nothing. Who wants my catalytic converter anyway?”   “First of all, congratulations on the new car, Jennifer. As for what your dealer suggested, I think it’s an excellent idea and would also like to give you the same advice. Did you know that To ... read more

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