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Oil Change in Van Nuys

Even in today’s age of high-tech engines and hybrid vehicles, oil changes remain one of the best ways to prolong the life of your engine and keep your car safely on the road. When you are looking for an oil change in Van Nuys, turn to AutoAid.

AutoAid does more than just change the oil and filter. After we complete your oil change, we perform a 38-point inspection, and rotate your tires when needed for nominal fee. Because we take the time to inspect your vehicle, and learn about your unique driving habits, we can offer money-saving recommendations that keep your vehicle in peak-performance.


Why Get an Oil Change?

Oil changes are necessary for prolonging the life of your car. Engine oil has additives. As these additives heat up, they create contaminates that may eat away at the metal parts of your engine. The resulting metal flecks are distributed through the engine, causing widespread damage, actually scratching the engine parts it was originally designed to protect.

You also need regular oil changes to prevent sludge from condensing in the crankcase. This water-based sludge mixes with oil when you go on short drives because the engine does not get hot enough to evaporate the water.

Delaying or completely skipping an oil change could mean costly engine repairs.

When To Get an Oil Change

Even a few days after an oil change the oil turns black in color. So, how do you know when it is time to change the oil in your car?

The best thing to do is keep a regular oil change schedule. If you own an older car, it is recommended that you have your vehicle’s oil cycled out every 3,000 miles. Owners of newer cars should follow manufacturer recommendations.

You may also want to change your oil more frequently if you do a lot of stop-and-go city driving or short-distance driving. This is the type of driving that’s most common for drivers in and around Los Angeles.

Choose AutoAid for Your Oil Change in Van Nuys

AutoAid employs skilled auto technicians that can do an oil change for all engines. While we are efficient, the main focus is not speed -- it is you and your vehicle. The oil is flushed out of the engine completely for every oil change. Then, engine-type specific oil is used to replenish your engine’s supply and keep your car running smoothly.

In addition to a quality oil change in Van Nuys, AutoAid offers a free 38-point courtesy inspection to identify common issues with your vehicle. A free tire rotation is also offered to AutoAid’s valued customers.

When you need an oil change in Van Nuys, there’s only one name you should trust to prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine. Choose AutoAid. Our oil change services are not only high-quality and efficient, but they are also tailored to fit your car’s specific needs.

Schedule your oil change today by calling our friendly team of automotive specialists in Van Nuys. Click here for directions to our Van Nuys auto repair facility. We look forward to becoming your go-to mechanic for trusted auto maintenance and repairs.

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