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Part II: What to Do When Your Car’s AC is Blowing Hot Air…Among Other Things

[Jack’s air conditioning blog, part II] Here is Part two of a two-part series on automobile air conditioning systems. Part I focused on what to look out for if you have an air conditioning problem. Part II covers solutions to these challenges.  In Part I of this blog, our client, Caryn heard a loud noise after turning on her car’s air conditioning and became so alarmed that she asked for a tow to our shop as she was afraid to drive herself.  I asked Caryn if this was the first time that she noticed a problem with the AC.  “Well, it hasn’t been consistent over the past year—it would blow cold air and then some warm air. It was hit or miss. I didn’t think it was urgent enough to bring in the car.” I explained to her that those malfunctions are why I ask customers to come in for regularly scheduled ... read more

Five Tips from AutoAid for Fall Car Care Month

This October is Fall Car Care Month, and here at AutoAid, we want to remind you to take a little bit of time to be “Car Care Aware,” as the team at put it. Every year in April and October, celebrates a month of vehicle maintenance awareness, in the hopes of reminding drivers like you that taking a few simple steps now can save you the trouble of an emergency breakdown – not to mention more than a few bucks on the cost of repairs – down the road. Whether you handle some of these tasks yourself or prefer to trust Jack, David, and the expert team at AutoAid of Van Nuys, CA for your auto service & maintenance needs, we recommend these important steps to take this Fall Car Care Month to ensure your vehicle performs well all year long. Battery. Check your connections, and make sure they are tight, clean, and free from cor ... read more



Keep It Cool

Keep It Cool

Broken air conditioning in a vehicle can leave you very uncomfortable and agitated in hot weather. Boy, is it Hot. Prompt repair is critical to your total cost, since AC problems get worse the longer they go unchecked. Early detection of AC problems is critical. Some common symptoms include: Weak Airflow Weak air flow is an indication of AC problems to come. Common reasons your AC system might be having a hard time providing ice cold air include: o   Loose AC Compressor Belt o   Mold or mildew accumulation from the residual moisture of the AC system o   Loose or broken seals o   Broken ventilation fan Warm Air From Your Car AC Warmer than normal air coming out of your vents is another indicator of AC problems that will eventually lead to AC system failure, commonly caused by: o   A clog in the refrigerant ch ... read more

The Heat is ON! Save on AC Service with FREE Freon

The Heat is ON! Save on AC Service with FREE Freon

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