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Auto Repair Services in Van Nuys

We understand that car trouble is a frustrating experience. Faulty parts, normal wear and tear, or vehicle accidents can leave your automobile in less-than-perfect condition. This is a time to call on a full-service auto repair center like AutoAid. AutoAid specializes in automotive painting, vehicle maintenance and tires. Read on to learn about some of the auto repair services we offer.

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AC Repair

Expert Auto Repair Services in Van Nuys | AutoAid
We take the time to listen and understand your unique concerns.

Your car’s air conditioning problems could be in either the the cabin or the engine areas. AutoAid Repair technicians are trained in all types of air conditioning repair and can also repair dedicated AC machines commonly used in Hybrid cars.

You can trust AutoAid with your car or truck AC repair.

Battery Testing and Installation

When your car won’t start, the battery is one of the most common culprits. Before recommending a battery replacement, AutoAid tests the health of the battery. If the battery is not the problem, the alternator and starter will also be tested. If your car needs a new battery, we recommend high quality AC/Delco batteries.

Hybrid Batteries

Skilled Auto Repair Technicians in Van Nuys | AutoAidOur auto techs are up-to-date on the latest automotive technology.

Did you know that most hybrid batteries only have a useful life of 10 years? This means that batteries manufactured from 2006-2008 are starting to fail. When you need hybrid battery installation, AutoAid is your one-stop-shop in Van Nuys.

We offer new and remanufactured replacement Hybrid batteries to fit your budget.

Brake Service

AutoAid’s brake services are far more comprehensive than those offered by other companies. We’re one of the only shops in town that uses a high-tech brake lathe to more accurately and precisely resurface your rotors. This provides your vehicle with a smoother, more reliable braking system, without the added cost of replacing your rotors.

We perform brake services for every type of vehicle on the road.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Your dashboard check engine light is useful for knowing what is wrong with your car. Unfortunately, there are many problems that can set off this light. Most auto repair shops use a code tool. AutoAid uses a more sophisticated plug-in scan tool that follows a diagnostic tree to diagnose exactly what is wrong with your engine. Once the problem is identified, repairs can be made without any guesswork.

Engine Repair

A car is a complicated machine. Unfortunately, this means that even a single problem with a part can make your car inefficient to drive, or even unable to be driven at all. When engine repairs are needed, you should rely on our experienced team of auto techs. Here are some of the most common symptoms and causes for engine repairs.

  • O2 Sensor- The oxygen sensor of the car adjusts the amount of fuel released so the car can run. Common symptoms include poor power, failed emissions testing, and poor gas mileage.
  • Mass Air Flow- The MAF is used to track the amount of air that goes into the engine and then adjust the flow of fuel accordingly. Common symptoms include extremely poor running conditions or gas mileage, as well as the engine not starting.
  • Overheating- Any number of things can cause the engine to overheat and your vehicle may not start. This can be caused by low coolant levels or a coolant leak; a malfunctioning coolant fan, a damaged radiator hose or defective radiator cap, or a faulty thermostat.

Factory Recommended Maintenance

In addition to repairs, AutoAid specializes in factory recommended maintenance. This includes everything from oil changes to brake pad changes and more for gas-powered, hybrid, and full-electric cars. Automotive maintenance is important - Many of the customers that bring vehicles in for auto repair in Van Nuys could have minimized their repair costs by completing factory scheduled maintenance on-time.

Hybrid Services

Auto repair services for hybrid cars require specialized, expert knowledge, since both gas and electrical systems exist in the car. AutoAid offers end-to-end mechanical services for all hybrid cars, even 1st generation cars from 2001-2002.

Complete Auto Care in Van Nuys | AutoAidFrom oil changes to complex engine repair, AutoAid can handle it all.

Oil Change

AutoAid is not the typical 20-minute oil change location. We take the time to discuss your specific needs and create a plan to ensure your vehicle is in perfect running order. While we’re changing your oil and filter, we’ll complete a 38-point courtesy inspection. And at AutoAid, we’ll even rotate your tires at no additional charge.

Other Services

We aim to take care of all of your automotive needs in one place. The services we offer include:

And in the rare case we can’t handle your service at our Van Nuys Auto Repair facility, we’ll help you find a reliable specialist that we trust.

That’s part of our promise to you that your car will be well-taken care of by our team, including two ASE Certified Master Technicians.

From accident damage to regular car maintenance and repairs, AutoAid offers reliable, quick service that you can trust. Our technicians possess the knowledge to diagnose and repair your car, truck or fleet vehicle. Schedule your appointment for auto repair in Van Nuys today!

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