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AutoAid offers a free "Car & Truck Courtesy Check." What does this mean for you? Bring your car or truck to us and we will examine seven major areas, including over 38 separate vehicle points. This includes the wiper and washer system, exterior lights, AC and battery. We’ll check your filters, oils and fluids, belts and hoses. And of course your tires, brakes, steering and suspension, and so much more.

What’s Included In A Car & Truck Courtesy Check

Our extensive car & truck courtesy check will give you peace of mind, knowing that is has been checked by a professional in a AAA approved repair shop. If anything needs attention, it will be clearly spelled out in our written report. You’ll know what is running smoothly, what may need work soon, and what requires immediate attention. You’ll also be able to view the courtesy check on your computer, tablet or phone, or the old fashioned way: on paper while you are enjoying coffee and cookies in our very comfortable waiting area. Don’t worry, the grease will be on our hands, not yours.

We offer this valuable, free courtesy check whenever you bring your car or truck in for any repair or service. It’s part of our “going digital” initiative to use technology to help keep you informed about the health of your car.

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Trust And Knowledge Are Essential

You value both, and so do we. Have you ever had a mechanic say you needed a repair and did not quite believe them? Or perhaps they even threw out your old part, before letting you look at it and inspect it, and at the very least see the problem for yourself. At AutoAid, this will not happen.

We are always open and honest and will include you in the process. That’s why AutoAid’s car & truck courtesy check report is so specific and clearly documented. We will show you exactly what the problem looks like, and include photos of any parts of the car that need a repair, and that is what makes us so different from other auto repair shops.

This amazing service is not only free, it’s also detailed and thorough. Our goal is to keep you as educated and up-to-date on your car as possible. While we won’t let you grab a wrench and start working alongside us, we will keep you informed every step of the way—and that starts with this free check and report.

Get In Touch With Us

This car & truck courtesy check is yours for the asking, just for coming in and checking us out. We know that you will find our family business friendly and welcoming. We pride ourselves on that. It’s a great first introduction and a wonderful way for our regular customers to stay up-to-date and monitor their car’s condition and performance. We look forward to helping you maintain the health and longevity of your car. Just call us at (818) 305-6632 or set up an appointment online.

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