Van Nuys Auto Repair & Service Center

When Oil Service is More Than Just Oil Service

Do you remember the days when you brought your car in for an oil change or another type of maintenance, and both you and your car were treated like royalty? Your vehicle’s oil and air filter weren’t the only things being checked or changed. The auto repair mechanic gave your vehicle the once over looking for any potential problems that might occur down the road. Not only that, but the mechanic wore a crisp uniform with his name embroidered on it, just above the pocket. After seating you in a comfortable, clean area with refreshments, he focused on getting your car back in pristine condition. He may have even given it a quick carwash before returning it to you. Ah, the good old days.

Well, believe it or not, these amenities and courtesies are still part of AutoAid’s everyday operation. We take customer service seriously because we don’t just want your business today. We want you to come back time and again and to recommend AutoAid to your friends, family and colleagues. Heck, feel free to tell the stranger on the street. We just want you to have a positive experience with us.

At AutoAid we do our best to offer the quality and consistency of the automobile shops you remember. Our employees wear clean, crisp shirts just like mechanics did years ago. And following in the footsteps of those who came before us, we, too, provide a visual review of your vehicle, noting everything from tire wear, air conditioning and brakes to checking fluid levels and looking to see if there are any leaks. Unlike some of the “Quick Lube” shops that don’t have the capacity to perform a comprehensive inspection, AutoAid follows a AAA-approved inspection guideline, offering our clients the peace of mind that their car is functioning properly. AutoAid services a variety of American, European and Asian made vehicles for individual owners as well as national fleets.

Our clean, well-lit automobile repair bay allows us to service your vehicle while staying organized and tidy. You won’t believe just how clean our shop is. If you haven’t seen it and aren’t going to be in the area for a while, take our virtual tour and see for yourself. Many customer service lounges consist of a few chairs and some magazines. We like to do it the old-fashioned way. Our lounge has a television, kids play area and complimentary coffee and cookies. For those customers with young families, we installed a changing table in our super clean restroom.

If your car is making noises, has been in a fender bender or if you just want someone to look it over, bring it by our Van Nuys shop, located on Erwin St. You can save money by checking out our monthly specials. Additionally, we offer the AutoPass program for any repair over $299 with six-months interest-free financing. This is our way of helping you finance unexpected car repair costs.

And what would customer service be without multiple options to solve your problem? To schedule a checkup with our award-winning Van Nuys auto repair team, call us at (818) 305-6632, or make an online appointment. To get your general questions answered watch our Car MD videos or email us. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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