• What? No Spare Tire?

    Posted on 15, May, 2017

    What? No Spare Tire?




    The TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) light came on the dash of my late model Chevy Volt, indicating loss of air pressure in the right rear tire. It turned out that a sharp blade cut a 3 inch gash in the tread causing a rapid loss of tire pressure and inadequate time to save the tire, which only had 10,000 miles on it. So naturally, I open my trunk, lift the floor covering to access the spare tire and jack, but to my surprise, I found neither. That's when it hit me. I'm driving a newer car engineered in Washington DC to be lighter, be green and emit fewer emissions. As a result, No Spare, No Jack. Just a Tire Fix-IT-Kit with a small air compressor and a container of sealant neatly packaged and secured in the trunk next to the battery.

    Unfortunately, given the extent of the tire damage, the Kit was useless. So If you're driving a late model vehicle, check your trunk and become familiar with the equipment provided to you in case of a flat tire or blow out. Better yet, Come in for a helpful review with one of our staff and ask for a courtesy inspection so as to minimize the potential of a breakdown.

  • Certified Female Friendly Service at AutoAid. Read this review

    Posted on 21, April, 2017
    Uzma A.
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    5.0 star rating

    By far the greatest auto body shop known to man! I called in from a recommendation from a friend, and was not disappointed at all. I got my side mirror fixed and an oil change in one day. I was very worried they wouldn't find the mirror parts, but thankfully they did. They even gave me a ride back to my office after I dropped off my car. 

    I dealt mostly with David S., who was such a great gentleman! When I first talked to him, I knew right away that he would do everything possible to help get my mirror fixed. And he did!

    I like that they respected me rather than judged me. Most mechanics up their prices just because of gender. (Also, I did my research before hand and talked to other mechanics before deciding to go here; needless to say, I knew what needed to be done and how much it was actually going to cost me.) They didnt try to take my money; in fact, they ended up being $100+ cheaper than other mechanics and dealerships I talked to! David was so sweet and just talked to me like A NORMAL HUMAN like everyone should. And I truly appreciated that.

    With their customer service, quality work, and respectful environment, I am glad to say AutoAid is my new mechanics! Thanks, guys!

  • Tax Relief For AutoAid Customers!

    Posted on 18, April, 2017


  • Potholes, Politics and get Paid

    Posted on 07, March, 2017

    There’s no more an important time to talk about potholes in LA. The cost, the danger, the unsightliness of them. You know, the ones Mayor Garcetti promised to fix in his first Mayoral run in 2013. Oh, and by the way, he’s running again today. Yes there is an election in L.A. today March 7, 2017. Also, the much needed rain amped up the pothole problem by making existing ones worse and new ones ample. The Laurel Canyon Sinkhole may have started as pothole. The danger to drivers is obvious. Blown tires, bent wheels, broken shock absorbers and struts, bent suspension, detached bumpers, broken mufflers and exhaust pipes and on the extreme side, accidents and sinkhole swallows. At AutoAid we’ve addressed all but the sinkhole vehicle damage and we’ve directed clients to recover the cost of the damage to their vehicles from the City of L.A.

  • Safe Driving in Heavy Rain (LA Nino)

    Posted on 21, February, 2017

    As we all need to navigate through our daily driving - work, school, doctors appointments, etc. - especially in heavy rain, here's a number to call to check the road conditions to and from your destination: 800-427-7623. This is the CalTrans Road Conditions Hotline. Plan your route carefully, take your time, avoid flooded streets and watch the short video for important safety tips..