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3 Tire Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Tires in Good Shape


Vehicle tires are not a cheap expense, which is why it is vital to keep them running in tip-top shape year after year and season after season. When your tires are cared for properly, it allows you to handle your vehicle better, increase fuel efficiency, and save money over time. Most importantly, it means increasing your and others’ safety on the road. The team at Auto Aid is stoked to share these 3 essential tire maintenance tips with you:

Tip #1: Monitor Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can change drastically throughout the year from wear and tear and temperature changes. In fact, your tires can shift by 2% for every 10-degree change in temperature outside. The air pressure will typically increase in warmer weather and decrease in colder weather. To prevent driving on overfilled or underfilled tires, we recommend checking your tire pressure, using a pressure gauge, at least once a month. This is an easy task that you can do at your local gas station or even at home.

Tip #2: Check the Alignment

Driving over multiple bumps and potholes throughout the year can mess up the alignment of your tires. As a result, it can cause problems with the steerability and handling of your vehicle. The symptoms may be subtle at first and become more evident over time. Nevertheless, it is crucial for you to have your alignment checked every once in a while. We can check your wheel alignment at your next service appointment and correct its angles if necessary.

Tip #3: Rotate Tires

Speaking of service, you should always have your tires rotated simultaneously. Front tires tend to wear faster than rear tires on 4-wheel vehicles. That is why tire rotations are essential in extending the wear on your tires.

These three tasks can make a huge impact on your vehicle and keep your tires in good shape. If your tires are due for a thorough evaluation, we welcome you to bring your car to AutoAid in Van Nuys, CA today. We make maintenance more affordable and accessible for our customers. Feel free to call us at (818) 305-6632 or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

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