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4 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start

When it comes to car troubles, a hard-to-start vehicle is one of the most frustrating problems to deal with. Luckily, you can count on the certified mechanics at AutoAid to diagnose the problem and suggest the necessary repairs. For your car to get started and continue running, it needs a balance of air, fuel, and spark. If any of these things are missing or deficient, your car will simply not run or start. Today, we will go over four problems that are commonly linked to car starting problems:

Problem #1: Dead Battery 

Have you ever put the key in the ignition, just to get nothing as a response? The most common explanation for this is a dead battery. Car batteries can last anywhere between 3-5 years before dying. However, leaving a door open or electronics turned on overnight can often be the culprit of draining your vehicle’s battery. If jump starting or recharging the battery doesn’t work, please bring your vehicle to our shop.

Problem #2: Fuel Delivery Issue

The fuel system plays an integral role in the combustion process – it is responsible for delivering an adequate amount of fuel to the engine. When you have a failing fuel pump, clogged injectors, or a malfunction with any other fuel system component, your car will likely struggle to start.

Problem #3: Bad Alternator

The alternator is another part of the electrical system that is responsible for charging your car battery and supplying electricity to your vehicle’s many accessories, including radio, power windows, and more. When the alternator stops working, your car battery will use up the remaining power until it dies. 

Problem #4: Dead Starter

The starter motor is the last main piece of the electrical system, and it is fed a small electrical charge whenever you turn the key. If you hear a series of clicking sounds when attempting to start the car, you should have your starter checked. 


Whenever you have problems with car starts, turn to the professional auto repair specialists at AutoAid in Van Nuys, CA. Our team is known for providing honest and accurate diagnostics and auto repairs, so feel free to call us at (818) 305-6632 or schedule an appointment online today!

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