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When Was the Last Time You Went to a Car Mechanic Who Heard a Word You Said?

By Jack Bulko, AutoAid

When people think of getting their car fixed, they focus on the mechanic, and true enough that person is responsible for repairing their car. What they don’t factor in is their own experience with the car: the noises it makes, odd smells, weird sounds or the feel of the ride, and a technician who listens to their concerns. We approach your vehicle much like a doctor does an ill patient. When was the last time you went to a car mechanic who heard a word you said? Months? Years? EVER? We understand the importance of listening to our customers and of our customers being heard. We’ve been your neighborhood repair shop since 1979.

We Save You Time, Money & Aggravation

We begin by asking questions, running tests and making observations, and only then do we prescribe solutions. By asking, testing and listening to your answers, we get the best possible understanding of the mechanical failure.

To make sure there is no miscommunication with customers and our technical staff, we assign a service advisor to you. Once all the information has been gathered, we convey that first-hand information to the technician assigned to work on your vehicle. Doing this not only reduces the amount of time it takes to make a diagnosis but allows us to easily isolate any failed parts with greater accuracy. By eliminating the guess work, we save you the cost of unnecessary parts, related labor costs and loss of use of your car or truck.

Car Technicians, Sound Interpreters & “Unlicensed” Diagnosticians

We care about you and your vehicle, and take the time to decipher exactly what type of sound, smell, or other issues are going on with your car. We've had customers make all sorts of funny noises trying to mimic what they’re heard come out of their car or truck. It’s quite comical at times. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve had customers who cry at our counter or over the phone as if their vehicle’s mechanical problem is the end of the world, because it is to them. We reassure these clients that their car’s or truck’s issue may not be as severe as they believe it to be. Experience has taught us that there is always a solution to a car-related problem.

For those who call or come in with their own “Googled” diagnosis and parts they have purchased on the internet to make the repair (yes, this really happens), we listen and then strongly recommend that we perform our own diagnosis of their vehicle, as we find that theirs is frequently incorrect. Unless our trained technicians perform the test and can decipher the results, we can’t say what needs to be done to repair the car. To do otherwise is a waste of our time and your money installing those pre-ordered parts that may or may not solve your vehicle’s problems. I often wonder if anyone would see a doctor with a preconceived diagnosis and bring along medications that they believe will solve it. The answer is likely no. You go to a doctor because they are the expert in their field. After asking questions, listening to your answers and descriptions, your doctor determines the issue and writes a prescription. AutoAid is an expert in the field of automotive repair. Allow us to go through the diagnostic process and decide on the best way to repair your vehicle. Think of us as your automotive doctors.

Your Safety is Our Goal

Keeping your car roadworthy is our priority. That’s why we take such great care in how we examine your vehicle before we determine what needs to be done to make it run well again. Your car, like your body, heals faster when a problem is dealt with in the early stages. Let us detect and assess your car’s mechanical issues before they become too big to overcome.

AutoAid is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, serving the greater LA area. Visit our new 5,000 square foot repair facility in Van Nuys, and find out why we are trusted advisors for our clients. Our goal is and always has been to keep your car road worthy. That’s why we take such great care in how we examine your car and determine what it needs to make it run well again. Call us for advice or to make an appointment, or visit our website and fill out our appointment form. We also urge you to check out our Google and Yelp pages and read our customers testimonials on the website. The next time you see, smell, hear or feel something that is out of the norm for your vehicle, remember to contact the experts at AutoAid. We won’t steer you wrong.


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