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Thank you Crew. Body Shop reviews like this only comes with hard work...


I recently was involved in a collision where a friend was driving my car and i was a passenger . Now because the vehicle was mine, my insurance was responsible for the damages in fixing it. It was the first accident i was involved in, so i was new to everything. The right passenger side of my car was destroyed including the axle. After shopping around various different auto shops, i was referred to Jack from AutoAid. I cannot even begin to tell you how comfortable he made me feel, as i was beginning to panic because i didn't know what to do. He assured me that everything was going to be okay and that they were going to handle everything. I could tell how genuine Jack was by his demeanor as well as him taking the time to ask me about my personal life. I explained to him that i am a law student, and from there he said that he understands how hectic things can be and that he was willing to help out with my deductible. WOW! They towed my car for me, and when i went to the shop to discuss everything i met the rest of the crew David, Per, and Tony. These guys are more than just a great group of guys, they are a great group of experts. Tony, then handled everything from that point regarding my car. I expected to have my car back in 2 weeks, but Tony managed to get it done in 1 week. He was not only fast but efficient, and very caring and concerned about any questions that i had. He called me regularly to give me status on my car and returned it to me in a timely fashion. He went over everything with me step by step. He really took care of me. After examining my car, they even set me up with a rental. i cannot even begin to express how much stress they lifted off of my shoulders from beginning to end. The service was phenomenal! When i received my car, i was hesitant to drive it because of how bad the damage was; i remember thinking there is no way my car will ever be the same. That hesitancy vanished as soon as i drove the car off their lot, it drives even better than before! It even looks better than it did. I thought i was driving a brand new car again. This is the place to take your car for any mechanical or body work. Thank you Tony, Jack, and everyone at AutoAid & Rescue for the unbeatable service and quality of work.


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