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When Hybrids run out of Gas

When Hybrids run out of Gas

It’s happened to everyone: you’re rolling down the highway, blasting the radio, when the low fuel warning light catches your eye. There are no gas stations or rest stops for miles, and you don’t have a can of extra gas in your car. You’re about to run your tank dry. When a conventional engine runs out of gas, it’s just an inconvenience. All you need to do is get some more as and you’re on your way. But when your hybrid runs out of gas, it can cause long-lasting engine problems. If you own a hybrid vehicle, you need to be aware of the risks. When A Hybrid Runs Out Of Gas If your hybrid runs out of gas, you might assume that giant battery will help you out. However, most hybrid engines simply weren’t designed to operate on electricity alone. They aren’t electric cars after all: the gas engine and propulsion battery are engineered to work in tandem, not on their own. Every hybrid engine runs a little differently, so every hybrid vehicle w ... read more


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