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Speed, Water, Tire Tread...Hydroplaning can happen to you

With the prospect of a heavy rainy season ahead, hydroplaning 

in your vehicle becomes more likely and dangerous. Even with a thin layer of water

on the road, your vehicle speed and tire tread depth will have 

a significant impact on control or lack thereof. 



With good tire tread depth, and a cautious speed, the tire tread

pattern will push the water out and away from the wheel allowing 

for maximum contact with the road. However, regardless of how 

good or new the tires are, the faster the speed the less direct

contact with the road. A layer of water builds up between the 

rubber and the road resulting in Hydroplaning and loss of control.

Prescription: Don't drive if you don't have to

                   Have your Tires Checked for Tread Depth & Air Pressure

                   Slowwww Dowwwwn, allow extra space between you

                   and the car in front



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