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Should I Pay For Accident Repairs Out Of Pocket Or Through Insurance? (Part 2)

Should I file an insurance claim when I’ve damaged my own carIt happens to everyone...that moment when you accidentally back into something you did not see, or mis-navigate a turn in a parking structure. So now you have to ask yourself: should I file an insurance claim when I’ve damaged my own car?

If you have caused no other property damage and the only damage is to your own car, you will now need to decide whether you should pay for the repairs out of your own pocket or go through your insurance, which could, of course, raise your rates. While this is frustrating, at least you are the sole decision maker.

Dealing with another party, if another vehicle is involved, can be much trickier. In that situation, you may not have a choice about whether you should go through insurance or pay for the repairs yourself.

Should I File An Insurance Claim When I’ve Damaged My Own Car?

In order to completely answer this question, you need to be informed about the condition of your car. This means going to a reliable and trustworthy auto body shop. AutoAid has been around since 1979, helping customers with everything from small dents to major collisions, and oil changes to engine repair. Our collision repair team is led by an I-Car Certified Technician.

We will fully examine your vehicle and determine whether there is any damage behind the point of impact. Sometimes damage is hidden beneath the surface. And with today's modern vehicles, especially luxury brands like Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, and BMW, a deep scratch repair may cost $1500, due to paint blending of adjacent panels, specialty colors, or three-stage paint. AutoAid’s Auto Paint Shop is meticulous and thorough, and will have your car looking perfect in no time.

Damage is not always what it appears to be, and what seems like a simple fix may wind up costing a lot of money. That’s why filing an insurance claim may be your best option. If this is the case, AutoAid can deal with your insurance company on your behalf, taking some of the stress off your very busy plate. And if paying yourself and going out of pocket makes more sense, we will provide with you with that information as well. The key is to let AutoAid help you make the very best and most informed decision.

So when that frustrating question of should I file an insurance claim when I’ve damaged my own car pops up…come to AutoAid for a free and thorough estimate and to eliminate all doubt.

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