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Potholes, Politics and get Paid

There’s no more an important time to talk about potholes in LA. The cost, the danger, the unsightliness of them. You know, the ones Mayor Garcetti promised to fix in his first Mayoral run in 2013. Oh, and by the way, he’s running again today. Yes there is an election in L.A. today March 7, 2017. Also, the much needed rain amped up the pothole problem by making existing ones worse and new ones ample. The Laurel Canyon Sinkhole may have started as pothole. The danger to drivers is obvious. Blown tires, bent wheels, broken shock absorbers and struts, bent suspension, detached bumpers, broken mufflers and exhaust pipes and on the extreme side, accidents and sinkhole swallows. At AutoAid we’ve addressed all but the sinkhole vehicle damage and we’ve directed clients to recover the cost of the damage to their vehicles from the City of L.A.


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