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How Do You Find a Reliable Mechanic When You’re New to the Area?

By Jack Bulko, AutoAid

Finding a new automotive repair shop isn’t one of the top ten things on people’s to-do lists when they move to a new area due to college, a corporate transfer or a new job. However, it should be. Your car will need an oil change or other maintenance, new tires or a at some point along the way. And when any of these instances occur, finding a shop that does maintenance, repair, tires, all in one place, is useful. So how do you find a reliable mechanic when you’re new to the area?

Finding a Reliable Repair Shop

My friend, Charlie, was just telling me about his son who moved to Colorado for a new job opportunity. “He loves everything about Colorado,” he told me, “except he can’t find a decent repair shop.” His son was discouraged and told his father, “I can’t find a shop to do an oil change near me. It’s all these 15-minute lube places and I don’t want them touching my car.” 

What to Look for in a Reliable Repair Shop

When my customer’s son contacted me, I gave him the following suggestions.

  • Look at a repair shops’ online presence on sites such as Yelp and Google. See what customers have posted about them.
  • Go to their website, which will have information about what they do, how it benefits you and any honors or awards they have received. This is key because the automotive repair shops typically display these accolades online and in their shops.
  • If you can, stop by the shop or go on a virtual tour if they include one. Is it clean?
  • Do they have a clean, relaxing waiting area for customers?
  • If you do go into the shop, is the staff courteous? Do they appear to be knowledgeable?
  • Do they offer a warranty?
  • Do they have a payment plan for larger jobs?

I also invited him to stop by and see us at AutoAid the next time he was I town. I told him our technicians would treat his vehicle to our complimentary Car & Truck Courtesy Check, and would checkout anything else required.

A couple of days later, the son sent me an email that he found a reliable mechanic in his area. He said the station is only half an hour away from his home and that it has a tire shop and is a repair center. He thanked me for all the information and promised to stop by the next time he was in town.

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