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Extended Warranty FAQs


If you purchased an extended warranty from a dealership, they might have told you that you should always come back to them for servicing. Most of the time, that’s simply not true. AutoAid might be the more affordable or convenient option—but you’ll never know for sure unless you ask us. Read on to find the answers to all your most pressing extended warranty questions!

Where Can I Purchase an Extended Warranty?

You will usually be able to purchase an extended warranty when you buy your vehicle, whether it’s from a used lot or a new car dealership. Your insurance company may also offer an extended warranty, so ask around a little before you commit.

Do I Need To Visit A Dealership for Regular Maintenance?

After your extended warranty runs out, AutoAid will be happy to help with any issues you encounter on the road. When their car’s factory warranty runs out, most of our clients search for an independent repair shop anyway because they prefer them to the large dealership experience. While warranty-specific work like factory recalls must be taken to a dealership, regularly scheduled maintenance and even accident repairs can be performed at the shop of your choice.

Not too long ago, we did some body repairs for one of our valued customers. A few weeks later, he turned up in a rental car and told us that his car was being serviced by another shop under his extended warranty. Our team would have been more than happy to give him the same friendly, experienced service for his big repair. Don’t make the same mistake!

How Can I Choose The Right Extended Warranty?

You wouldn’t purchase health insurance without checking the deductible first, so why buy a warranty with a high deductible? Some standard warranties only cover the basics, while premium policies offer bumper-to-bumper protection for everything from minor scrapes to major engine repairs.

In fact, you should always shop around for the best warranty before you commit to a purchase. Many warranties look comprehensive on the surface, but actually exclude many common repairs like seals, belts, and brakes. Do your research, ask questions, and compare prices before you buy. You should always be cautious about investing a large amount of money in a policy.

Should I Buy An Extended Warranty?

A dealership will probably tell everyone that they need to buy an extended warranty, but not every model needs one. Before buying an extended warranty, you should consider many variables, including:

  • The type of car: Is this brand known to be reliable, or do its vehicles turn up major issues often? A quick browse through Internet owner forums and driver cost statistics should give you a good idea of your car’s dependability.
  • The mileage range: How many miles do cars of your make and model typically run without major problems? If your car is famous for its longevity and durability, then an extended warranty might not be worth the high cost.
  • The car’s history: Does your car have a habit of blowing belts or destroying its transmission? If so, then it might be smart to invest in the extended warranty to cover problems down the road.

What Should I Do If My Extended Warranty Is About To Run Out?

This is one of the most common extended warranty questions we receive. If your extended warranty is close to its expiration date, then it’s a good idea to use the system to your advantage. Come in to AutoAid and ask us to run a full car or truck courtesy check to scan for potential issues. Your car can be repaired while it’s still covered by the extended warranty, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck before the policy runs out.

Contact Our Team

Whether your extended warranty has expired or not, AutoAid would love to be your one-stop-shop for car maintenance and repairs. If you have any other extended warranty questions, the answers are just a phone call away. We promise to always greet you with a friendly smile, a fair estimate, and a pleasant customer experience. Call us at 818-305-6632 to schedule your appointment!


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