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Car Surfing, Do you know what your teens are doing?

Last night at my sisters for dinner I learned about "Car Surfing"

and it's tragic consequence to a young Agoura Hills girl who lost her life 

last week to an insanely stupid activity. Our hearts and condolences 

go out to her family, friends and community of which my sister is

a part of. Car Surfing, like the name implies, is standing on top of a

moving car in a surfers posture for a thrill ride. If you hear your teen 

driver mention car surfing in phone conversation, personal

engagements or in any other format, it's time to intervene.

It could save a life. It's bad enough that new teen drivers

get into minor and some major accidents, but it's totally

uncalled for to risk their lives and those of their friend or innocent

bystanders for a cheap thrill. I have a teenage son and this tragedy

hit way to close to home. Read more....

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