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Auto Accident Scammers

Auto Accident Scammers

An auto accident is a terrible thing. Whether or not there are any injuries, no one feels good afterwards. It is just a hassle on so many levels. To make matters worse, there are a great variety of auto accident scams out there. It’s just one more thing that all drivers need to be highly aware of.

Every driver knows that no matter how safely they drive and how aware they are of their surroundings, there are things they have no control over, including people setting you up for an accident. These auto accident scammers are professionals who know exactly what they are doing, and often work in teams, thus providing “witnesses” to provide false evidence against you.

If you feel you are the victim of an auto accident scam, do all you can to protect yourself. Read this list from the DMV about things you should do at the scene of the accident. Then get your car to a reliable and trustworthy shop like AutoAid as soon as possible. In addition to a free estimate, we work with insurance companies directly to take the pressure off you. However, you will definitely need to file a police report as well, since these incidents need to be well documented.

Auto Accident Scams

According to the DMV, “staged car accidents are becoming more common in the United States” and these criminals are constantly inventing new schemes. And How Stuff Works says that “insurance scams are the second-most burdensome financial crime in the United States, behind only tax evasion.”

The DMV warns drivers of the following:

  • The T-Bone Accident, in which a car will purposely t-bone you in an intersection and then utilize phony witnesses or “shady helpers” to claim you were the one to run the light.
  • The Wave, where the other driver will wave you ahead. Thinking they are being polite, you will move into their lane where they will then accelerate and hit you. And of course when the police arrive, they will deny “deny ever providing a courtesy wave, placing you at fault.”
  • Many others, including The Brake Slam, The Swoop And Stop and the Dual Turn Sideswipe.

Clearly, criminals will keep coming up with other auto accident scams. The key is to be as aware of them as possible and to always be a cautious, defensive driver. However, in the case that one of these scams catches up with you, know that AutoAid’s Body Shop will help in whatever way we can. We know how frustrating any accident can be, but getting you back on the road quickly and safely is always our first goal.

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