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What Your Teen Needs to Know Before they Get Behind the Wheel?

What Your Teen Needs to Know BEFORE They Get Behind the Wheel By Jack Bulko Your teenage son or daughter just passed their driver’s test. Now you can send them off into the world. They can drive themselves to school, to work, to a friend’s home—all without having to bother you for a ride. But then you wonder, will they know what to do if a dashboard (dummy) light comes? Are they even aware that there is a manual in the glove compartment that explains everything? And if they are, will they crack it open? What are the essential they need to know before getting behind the wheel? As a father and a grandfather, I understand your concerns, but the best way to avoid this situation is to educate your teen about the vehicle they will be driving. Their driver’s license may permit them to get behind the wheel, but it doesn’t provide an understanding of how the vehicle functions or how to maintain it. Take time to teach them about the basics, espec ... read more

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