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Your Car and Truck Doctor: Asking the Right Questions

You bring your car or truck into a service station for maintenance or repair. Then what? Do you rely entirely on the mechanic to alert you to any problems and fix them? Most people realize that their car’s health depends on a discussion between themselves and the mechanic, similar to a conversation you might have with your physician about your physical health—what’s working, what isn’t and why. The questions posed during your doctor’s visit and the answers you give allow the physician to make a more accurate diagnosis of your health. Our auto service technicians are the doctors for your car. And as your automobile or truck’s health professionals, we need as much information as you can supply to determine what is going on under the hood or the chassis. What Our Technicians Need to Know When you bring your car or truck into AutoAid, whether it is for a routine checkup or a speci ... read more



Is My Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Really ON? It's So Quiet.

YES, your car is on, and NO, you aren’t the first person to ask us this question. Unlike the loud gas-powered engines that can be heard from blocks away, hybrid and electric cars have a much more stealth-like approach. AutoAid customers tell us their cars are so quiet they forget to turn them off! They only realize it when trying to lock the doors. Luckily, car manufacturers have figured this out and installed a safety device that won’t allow you to lock your vehicle if the engine is running. Extremely quiet car engines have also become a concern for pedestrians, especially those who have sight issues or are blind. If they can’t hear your car, then they don’t know your car is coming their way. What to Do About the Quiet If you already own an electric/hybrid car with no alert system, don’t be too concerned. But be aware of your surroundi ... read more


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