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You Just Bought a Car and Have No Idea How It Works

By Jack Bulko, AutoAid I had to laugh last month when an older gentleman stopped in and asked if I could help him figure out the “bells and whistles” on his new Cadillac CT6. He had heard from a friend that Jack, David and the team at AutoAid can figure anything out when it comes to automobiles, whether it is maintenance or repair, and that we even have repair financing if needed. I told him it was true that we can review the functions on his car with him, and asked if he consulted the car manual before coming in. It’s something I ask our customers. His answer was “no, I know how to drive a car. I’ve had Cadillacs all my adult life,” he explained. “I figured what could be so different about this one? The salesperson gave me a brief tutorial but once I pulled ... read more

Common Reasons for Car Break Downs

By Jack Bulko, AutoAid Sometimes I get the wackiest calls. A woman called me several months ago and told me about a scary incident she had after her car battery died on a deserted road. She was able to get help but felt vulnerable and didn’t like that feeling. I felt for her, but then she asked me to promise her something no one in their right mind would agree to do. She inquired if AutoAid could fix her car so that it would never break down on the road again. I knew she didn’t mean NEVER, but I understood her fears. I told her that AutoAid has some of the most qualified automotive mechanics in the industry and by doing regular maintenance can catch a great deal of the issues that might sneak up on car owners. But nobody in their right mind is going to guarantee to fix your car so that it never breaks down, because life happens. I explained this all to her and said “Look, cars are machines ... read more

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