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Why Getting a Car Repair Second Opinion is a GREAT Idea

Something just went wrong with your car. You bring it into your dealer who just told you it will cost thousands of dollars to repair. But you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on automobile repairs, and even if you did, you don’t want to spend it unless you have to. You also want to make sure you’re fixing the right thing, and not just anything. So before you give the go-ahead for your car repairs at the dealer, you should probably get a car repair second opinion. 

People commonly get second opinions when they’re diagnosed with serious medical conditions, or when consulting on legal matters. It doesn’t occur to most people to get a car repair second opinion, but you should, and here are three great reasons why.

Saving You Money

Getting a car repair second opinion is a great way to save money. For example, your dealer may tell you that you need a new radiator which can be a very expensive repair. But the problem might actually be something as simple and inexpensive as a bad thermostat, which can cost just a tiny fraction of what a new radiator replacement costs.

Or you may have brought your car into the dealer because your brakes are squeaking or your car is not stopping quickly. The service representative may have said you need new brake rotors, which can be an expensive repair. But by having a reputable auto repair facility like AutoAid look at your car, you may find out that instead of new brake rotors, you only need new brake pads. By getting a second opinion for your car repair, you can often save money on expensive and unnecessary repairs.

The same holds true for collision repair. There are often expensive ways to fix a car damaged in an accident, and there are inexpensive ways. If the estimate you’ve received seems out of line, give us a call. It just may be that the best way to make your car look like new is also the least expensive way. And at AutoAid, you can even get a free body shop estimate right here on our website.

And maybe more important is the fact that most car dealers have no body shop of their own, and so they send their body work to another body shop. That means they’re paying the body shop’s cost and then adding their own markup. That’s an extra charge that you just don’t need to pay when you go direct to a body shop like AutoAid.

Fixing the Right Problem

In addition to possibly avoiding expensive or unnecessary repairs, you want to be sure you’re fixing the right problem. Some mechanics -- even at dealerships -- are not as skilled as others, and some may take advantage of your lack of knowledge. It takes a trained eye and ear, some advanced diagnostic equipment, and mechanics with high ethical standards to accurately and honestly diagnose problems with your car.

You need someone with experience who you can trust when you get car repair second opinion to avoid unnecessary costs and wasted time. AutoAid understands the hassle of getting a repair, which is why we work hard to make sure you have all the information you need and a complete picture of the health of your car.

Here at AutoAid, we have ASE Certified Mechanics. Most auto repair shops, and some dealers, have one or none, but we have two. We also use the latest in diagnostic equipment to provide an accurate assessment of your vehicle. At AutoAid, we offer a complimentary 38+ point inspection to ensure your vehicle is up to its highest standards. And after the inspection, we give you a checklist detailing everything we checked, what is in good working order, and what needs to be serviced.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most underrated benefit of getting a car repair second opinion is that it allows you to have peace of mind. You will know you are doing the right things to repair your car, and you’ll have confidence that the right problem was fixed and that your car will perform well.

A second opinion will also help you better understand the problem with your car -- even if the second opinion validates the first opinion. The bottom line is getting a professional car repair second opinion makes the whole situation a lot less stressful.

Get Your Car Repair Second Opinion at Auto Aid

AutoAid provides professional care for your car or truck and will keep you informed along the way. If you’ve already received a dealer or mechanic’s estimate for your car repairs or body work, come to AutoAid for your car repair second opinion. Call us today at 818-305-6632, or schedule an appointment online, or use our free body shop estimate tool to get things started. We’ll get you and your car back to normal in no time.

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