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We’re the best car repair shop in Van Nuys, but don’t take our word for it. Hundreds of auto mechanic reviews, both here and on sites like GoogleYelp and Angie’s List, tell the stories of our customer’s experiences working with our shop since 1979.

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The guys did it again!! Thanks for superior service!


They were so welcoming and helped me so quickly. It was a fair quote which as we know is the best part. Great customer services and work


Great prices- honest staff- who are extremely friendly and helpful--Always a pleasure to go there!!


They polished yellowed front headlights and repaired 2 key remotes for my 20 year old Lexus for under $100. Saved me thousands as quoted at the dealer! In addition, they refilled all fluids and put air in my tires without asking and charged me nothing extra. Great guys!


Auto Aid always does a fantastic job. They are always on time & on budget. We also appreciate that they are family owned. It feels good to do business with a non-corporate owned company. Our dollars go straight back into the community, which always is valued.


Awesome took care of me right away great professional service

Your review is also awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

- AutoAid

Great and fast service everyone here was very professional, pleasant, nice and friendly. Thank you for taking care of my card needs.


Quick professional service. Easy to get appointment.


Auto Aid provided me with an in depth analysis of what was needed for my car, as well as what was not critical. They completed what they said they would, and suggested I bring the car back in a few weeks to check if one of the "non-critical" issues had deteriorated. There was no hard pressure to add on work to pad the bill. The most critical issue for me as a consumer was being treated with respect and given the information I needed to make the most informed decision. It is for this reason I will continue to return to Auto Aid and continue to forsake the Lexus Dealership.


Complete rip off! Not only was I way overcharged for an inferior tire (Hankook) to my original manufacturer tire (Continental ProContact RX), I feel I was lied to because I was told that this is a comparable tire, just a different brand; that is not the case! The replaced tire is not just a different brand, it is also a different tire rating (92V Hankook vs 96W Continental ProContact RX) which my car’s manufacturer (Tesla) does not recommend, nor will my warranty in case something happens and they see that a non-recommended tire was used. I will be honest, the business did tell me if you want the original Tire it will cost you $501 vs the Hankook for $282, albeit still way overpriced (just search the web and you’ll see why AutoAid is waay overpriced). Also, I guess to their defense, the owner did specifically say: “I understand we may not be the cheapest…”. I get it, I was given the option of getting the original tire and, understandably, paying the price for it if I want to vs getting an alternative brand (Hankook) at a much less expensive price. My issue is, why lie to me and tell me these are the right tires for your car but a different brand and then sell me a tire with a completely different speed rating that can potentially jeopardize my safety. As a side note, there was another customer there with me who was simultaneously complaining about being overcharged for replacing his headlights, which again is the business’s prerogative; it’s his business, and he gets to choose the price, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else. However, I just want others to be aware of this, as there is no sign or disclaimer that warns you that “you may be overcharge”. I’m hoping an escalation to the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, BBB, etc. won’t be necessary and I will call AutoAid on Monday, as they are closed on weekends, to explain the situation and give the business and honest chance to correct any misunderstanding because mistakes do happen and most businesses are not I’ll-intended and I don’t leave AutoAid intended to necessarily fool me since they have generally decent reviews. I will try to update my posting once I have a resolution or an update.

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