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We’re the best car repair shop in Van Nuys, but don’t take our word for it. Hundreds of auto mechanic reviews, both here and on sites like GoogleYelp and Angie’s List, tell the stories of our customer’s experiences working with our shop since 1979.

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Job done, high quality standards produce a greater level of service! Shuttle service is really great I could not have any higher endorsement for a shop managed with such pride!


Per is always the best! He always tells me when I don't need a service that I have requested. Most auto repair places try to sell you service you don't need. Per keeps you from paying for services you don't need. I am so happy to have finally found an auto repair place that I can trust!


Outstanding service, clean shop. Friendly service.


although better than most independent car repair shops, AutoAid still has its fair share of screw ups, they just don't like admitting that to you and will blame anyone else when a problem arises on your car that was just fixed or continues to have problems even though they gave the car a thorough inspection.

Thank You for the feedback. We are always working on how we can make things better at the shop and this sort of information really helps. I will do everything in my power to see that this issue is corrected

- AutoAid

I am a 22 year old girl, and don't know anything about cars. They were SO NICE and had a nice waiting area. They were quick and they don't cheat you out of prices. Awesome shop, I will definitely be back again. Just moved here and I am very impressed with their services!!!!


I'm a convert! I have always taken my Lexus to the dealer, and always hated paying so much money. I was worried about getting ripped off or having my car misdiagnosed by a private place though, so I felt stuck. When I read the great reviews on Auto Aid and that they are woman-friendly I decided to try it. They were fantastic! They welcomed me promptly when I showed up at my appointment time, took the car for service right away, gave me suggestions without pushing their agenda. They even advised me to NOT do everything the manufacturer recommends based on a few quick questions. They also have a clean, neat seating area equipped with magazines, television and coffee. And the final bill was SO much more reasonable! I would recommend Auto Aid to anyone.


All well done A Ok!


Very knowledgeable staff, highly detailed in assessment of what repairs my vehicle needed and which repairs were urgent and which repairs were not. I will be getting the repairs done at AutoAid.


It was lovely as usual. I always recommend Auto Aid to friends for quality car repair.


Courteous, professional service and genuinely pleasant experience overall. All questions were answered (even twice or three times) and I felt my car was in trustworthy hands,

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