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Pre Smog Check Diagnosis and Repair | AutoAid
Call AutoAid to ensure your vehicle passes your next smog check.

Pre-Smog Check Diagnostics and Repair in Van Nuys

If you live in California, your vehicle needs to pass a smog check every two-years. A smog check is also required before you can sell your vehicle. The team at AutoAid has helped car owners in Van Nuys pass their smog checks since 1979.

A smog check is required to help keep air pollution in the San Fernando Valley to a minimum, but it also is an indicator of the health of your car or truck engine. Excessive wear and tear on your engine caused by a broken or inefficient emission system can lead to expensive engine repairs. By fixing emission issues early, you can prevent more expensive engine repairs.

Schedule an appointment with us today so that we can help you stay compliant and minimize the total cost of maintaining your vehicle.


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Faster Smog Repairs with the Help of Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics at AutoAid

AutoAid diagnoses smog check failure in Van Nuys. | AutoAid
If your car or truck failed to pass a smog check, we can help.

AutoAid will ensure that all the systems keeping your engine running smoothly are working within factory guidelines. While there are many things that can cause excessive emissions, a diagnostic of the car’s systems will tell our ASE Certified Master Technicians exactly what is wrong.

Our advanced diagnostics tools help us save you time and money by quickly identifying underlying issues.

Check Engine Light: A Common Cause for Smog Check Failures

If your car is due for a smog check soon, the first sign that you may not pass is the check engine light coming on.

Common emissions-related causes of a check engine light include:

  • Defective Sensors on the Intake and Exhaust
  • Clogged Fuel Injectors
  • Dirty Spark Plugs
  • Oil Pressure Issues
  • Bad Catalytic Converter

These specific issues can cause your vehicle to fail a smog check, as they change the exhaust levels emitted during testing.

Schedule Your Smog Check Today

The technicians at AutoAid have seen all these issues and much more over the years. We have the expertise necessary to identify and repair any issues quickly. We do quality work quickly, usually in less than 24 hours. And you gain peace of mind knowing that we guarantee our work with a bumper-to-bumper nationwide warranty.

Interest-free financing is available to help cover unexpected repairs. If you’re having trouble getting here, we’ll send a tow truck. You’ll also have access to our shuttle and access to rental car services if necessary. Our goal is to keep the impact of an unexpected repair on your schedule and wallet to an absolute minimum.

If you’re in the Van Nuys area and your car or truck is due for a smog check, stop by AutoAid or schedule an appointment online to get your vehicle smog check ready vehicle. While you’re here, we’ll compete a 38-point courtesy inspection to ensure that your hybrid, car, truck or fleet vehicle is operating at its best.

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